Sunday, February 1, 2009

After I spent over $6,000 on Rosacea Treatments I Found Something at the Drugstore that Got Rid of the Red.

All Rosacea sufferers, you NEED TO TRY THIS. It changed my life.

Hi, my name’s Sara.

I put this blog up to help fellow rosacea sufferers. I know what it’s like to go through the hell of living with rosacea and no one should have to go through that.

I began having problems with rosacea when I was very young – age 17. I had red patches on my forehead and the sides of my face, and started to get bumps and little veins on those patches as well. I thought, “What is wrong with me?” My parents told me that my skin changing was just a normal part of life. I tried to believe them but I began to feel terrified of social situations. I felt like people always looked at the problem with my face than actually looking at me.

I had no idea that my skin condition was actually rosacea until I saw a doctor at age 23.

That’s when my struggle with treatment began.

After that I began seeing a dermatologist, as my doctor had recommended, who started a long string of different treatments to try to rid my face of rosacea. Some of the topical creams he prescribed to me were so intense that they caused my skin to dry up and start peeling.

After trying topical creams and going back and forth between being beet red to having all of my skin peeling off, my dermatologist suggested that I resort to laser treatment. I underwent carbon dioxide laser treatment, in the end costing me $5,562. This treatment works for 99% of rosacea sufferers. It cleared my rosacea slightly, but I was one of the unlucky people to suffer from the side effect of hyperpigmentation – or a simpler term – dark splotches. I went from red skin to brown spots. My doctor switched me to a salicylic acid topical cream to try to fix the spots.

This Struggle Began to Feel Hopeless.

If it wasn’t rosacea it was side effects from rosacea treatments. After that laser treatment I was just ready to chuck my dermatologist and never speak to him again.

In a state of desperation I began searching the internet to see what had ACTUALLY worked for other sufferers of rosacea. I came across a downloadable book about rosacea treatments by this guy Robert Campbell. It had so many great testimonials and was about $29 bucks so I figured what the hell, after spending over $6,000 what’s $29 for the book?

So I downloaded it.

The book taught me THINGS MY DOCTOR HAD NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT ROSACEA. The book was an easy read and thoroughly explained deficiencies that the majority of rosacea sufferer from, and supplements that can banish these deficiencies. It even explained changes in diet that can reverse this terrible skin condition.

Why had my doctor never explained these simple concepts to me? Had they just been ripping me off this whole time instead of trying the simple solutions first? I felt relief about finding the book, and anger towards my situation at the same time.

I tried the suggested supplements that I was able to find AT THE DRUG STORE, cautiously optimistic (after trying all those other treatments I had to be). After just 1 week my skin began to look normal. Unbelievable. It’s amazing what being balanced inside can do for…well, the outside: your skin.

Over the course of several months, my skin looked consistently clearer and actually NORMAL to where I could go out in public without being embarrassed or trying to put 5 layers of concealer on. My skin tone started to look good, my skin actually wasn’t bad even without makeup!!!!

It’s looked like that ever since I went on the supplements suggested by the book.

Needless to say, this book changed my life. I feel self confident – like I never knew I could….before I figured I was stuck struggling with my red, blotchy face forever!

If you have rosacea, take my advice, BUY THIS BOOK – it will be the best investment you can make – better than laser treatments, topical creams, or whatever else your doctor tells you is the “best solution”.

Here’s the link to the site where you can get the book:

I hope that this blog has saved you some time and money, and most of all that it will help you fix your rosacea problem the way I fixed mine. I am so thankful for this book.



  1. I have suffered from rosacea since I was in my teens as well.
    I saw your blog and went and checked out the book. You're right - the majority of what was in there my doctor never told me.
    I started the supplements that the book suggests.
    The past 2 weeks my skin has REALLY cleared. I am impressed so far. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this blog to help rosacea sufferers!!!!

  2. This book kicks ass!!!! I went to a derm too and they just f*ucked me up.
    I started the supplements - they really helped.